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What is the BIT RAGE BOT?

Arbitrage Bots are applications intended to operate in an automated fashion, according to predefined instructions. The Bit Rage Bot constantly polls currency price changes. Once a price discrepancy is found which is large enough to produce a resulting profit, the transaction is capitalized, the resulting currency amount is then converted to a stable coin (USDT) to reduce loss based on currency value.

The Arbitrage Bot will only buy and sell when a profit is available to be made.

The bot has fail safes in place to provide safety and security in the event of wild swings in the market.


Currently we are operating on 4 exchanges. Gemini, Kraken, Binance US, and OkCoin.

Investor Opportunities

We are currently looking for a limited number of investors. Please call for more details.

Micro Transactions

On average we are able to execute 750 transactions per hour per instance.

Running the Bot

Digital Analog Designs is currently in preparation for a 90 day run cycle of Bit Rage Bot. Call Jason from more details.

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